Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So close

I am back in Galway. I had a wonderful weekend and now I am making my way back to Dublin to fly out on Wednesday. Today's plan so far is to catch an early movie and then there is a huge arts festival in town so I will walk around tonight and check it out. There is a girl here from Australia that I had to drop off her laptop charger that she left at the last hostel. She told me about a poetry session at a pub that I will try and check out.

So I cooked dinner at the hostel and met a few people and I decided to go out to listen to some music. Ended up finding a pub with the best Irish music I have heard so far this trip! Even though I feel terrible I am glad I went out. It was really my last night to go out for some real Irish music and I was not disappointed. Great way to end my trip!

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Here are some Irish dancers!

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Today I am taking a bus to Dublin. I will do a little shopping for stuff to bring back. Then it's off to the airport in the morning! I can't believe it is over. Today is the last full day in Ireland. I am sad to leave but happy to be getting home! This has been an amazing trip. I have met some amazing people, seen some beautiful sights and experienced an amazing culture! THANK YOU IRELAND!

This is my last post from Ireland. It's a bitter sweet feeling. Thank you all for reading. I hope I have been able to share at least a little of my joy. I will see you all back in Lubbock.

So one last time from Ireland.... Thanks for reading

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast. Erin and I and another person from the hostel decided to try and hike up the Diamond mountain. The weather today has been cold, wet, and windy. The hike was fun and the view was nice but it was awful weather and got worse as we climbed.

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As you can see it was pretty intense. It was an amazing feeling to be up in the mountain and be able to lean into the wind. We decided to stop and turn back because it was starting to get dangerous. The wind was literally pushing us around.

We came back to town and Erin and I got some food to cook at the hostel. Grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches, soup, chocolate and apricot cheese!

We spent the rest of the late afternoon playing cards and dominos. Erin has to catch a bus back to the farm at 6 and I am staying one more night here then off to Galway. Tonight the hotel family is cooking a huge meal for people staying here!!!!!!

Dinner time! It was amazing! About 15 people were eating. Started with a wonderful soup and then had salad, couscous, pasta salad, potato and cheese casserole, and veggie ratatouille! Ended with cake and coffee.


Well going to hang out with some people at the hostel then off to bed. Tomorrow headed to Galway. I can't believe my trip is almost over! Two more full days. I am sad to leave but also ready to get back to my family and friends and my dog. See you all soon.

Thanks for reading

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rain and beauty

This afternoon we walked into the national park and it was pouring so we decided to go to the Abby down the road. We walked for about 15min and saw some beautiful sights.

After about 15min we finally were able to hitchhike the 4 kilometers to the Abby. We got picked up by some really nice Irish guys going to the Abby to fish. This area is wonderful.

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Ahhhhhhhhh so cute!

Tonight was cooking, dinner and cards! Loving life!

Thanks for reading

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Relaxing and travel

Yesterday was so nice! It was overcast so a few of us from the hostel had a nothing day. The hostel is about 15min outside of town so it feels like being in the middle of the country side. I used my day to read, play cards, cook and have good conversations. It was amazing. It was nice to not feel like I had to rush out to see everything. I had already done the tourist things in Dingle, I was able to just relax.

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This morning I got up at 630am so that I could walk into town to catch a bus. I am meeting up with someone that I met in Dublin 2 weeks ago. We are meeting in Galway and then making our way up to a really small town outside of a huge national forest. It should be really nice. It will take me about 8hrs to get to the final town!

Ok, it ended up taking 12hrs to get to the next town! It was totally worth it! The hostel is amazing. I met up with Erin and we made it to the next town called letterfrack. The hostel is like a hippy commune from the 60s. It's a old house that is very eclectic. It is owned by this cute married couple.

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Next up is some Irish music!

This morning there was actually real breakfast! The couple feed us oatmeal, real coffee, and fresh bread baked today!!!!!!!!!! So good! This hostel is amazing!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dingle where have you been all my life!

Started the morning with coffee and toast with nutella. Mmmmmmmm! Catching the bus to Dingle. It's going to be a long bus day. Thank god for my nook. It will take from 840- 1 on the bus.
Arrived in Dingel and there was a bus from my hostel waiting for me at the stop. The hostel is great. Has a real hippy commune kinda feel. I went back into town and took a dolphin watching boat tour. Loads of fun!

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After that I walked out to the lighthouse. One the way there was a tinny beach and I stooped for a nap! Wonderful views the whole way out!

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I am now back at my hostel cooking some dinner. Pasta again ;) Tomorrow I am staying in Dingle and renting a bike and riding up the coast.

This hostel really has a great feeling! Reminds me of a place I grew up with called the hill country.

Thanks for reading

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello self

Today has been an interesting day. I jumped on a early bus to Kenmare and arrived at 830. The hostel was not open yet so I sat down for a cup of coffee and read for about an hour. Finally the hostel opened and I paid for my room and dropped my bag off. I went to the information center and picked up a walking map of the town. I headed off for a 5 kilometer walk to the bay. I had plenty of time of quiet today. No body to talk to and piece and quiet out of the city. It is weird how strange it feels to be alone after being around people for so long. I realized I had not said a word in several hours (which is a long time for me). I arrived at the bay and just sat on the rocks and absorbed the view.

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The rest of the day I relaxed finished reading a book. Tomorrow I am off the the town of Dingle. Should be really nice.

Thanks for reading.

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