Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So close

I am back in Galway. I had a wonderful weekend and now I am making my way back to Dublin to fly out on Wednesday. Today's plan so far is to catch an early movie and then there is a huge arts festival in town so I will walk around tonight and check it out. There is a girl here from Australia that I had to drop off her laptop charger that she left at the last hostel. She told me about a poetry session at a pub that I will try and check out.

So I cooked dinner at the hostel and met a few people and I decided to go out to listen to some music. Ended up finding a pub with the best Irish music I have heard so far this trip! Even though I feel terrible I am glad I went out. It was really my last night to go out for some real Irish music and I was not disappointed. Great way to end my trip!

YouTube Video

Here are some Irish dancers!

YouTube Video

Today I am taking a bus to Dublin. I will do a little shopping for stuff to bring back. Then it's off to the airport in the morning! I can't believe it is over. Today is the last full day in Ireland. I am sad to leave but happy to be getting home! This has been an amazing trip. I have met some amazing people, seen some beautiful sights and experienced an amazing culture! THANK YOU IRELAND!

This is my last post from Ireland. It's a bitter sweet feeling. Thank you all for reading. I hope I have been able to share at least a little of my joy. I will see you all back in Lubbock.

So one last time from Ireland.... Thanks for reading

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Location:Beresford Pl,Dublin,Ireland

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