Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello self

Today has been an interesting day. I jumped on a early bus to Kenmare and arrived at 830. The hostel was not open yet so I sat down for a cup of coffee and read for about an hour. Finally the hostel opened and I paid for my room and dropped my bag off. I went to the information center and picked up a walking map of the town. I headed off for a 5 kilometer walk to the bay. I had plenty of time of quiet today. No body to talk to and piece and quiet out of the city. It is weird how strange it feels to be alone after being around people for so long. I realized I had not said a word in several hours (which is a long time for me). I arrived at the bay and just sat on the rocks and absorbed the view.

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The rest of the day I relaxed finished reading a book. Tomorrow I am off the the town of Dingle. Should be really nice.

Thanks for reading.

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Location:Park St,Kenmare,Ireland

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