Saturday, July 16, 2011

Relaxing and travel

Yesterday was so nice! It was overcast so a few of us from the hostel had a nothing day. The hostel is about 15min outside of town so it feels like being in the middle of the country side. I used my day to read, play cards, cook and have good conversations. It was amazing. It was nice to not feel like I had to rush out to see everything. I had already done the tourist things in Dingle, I was able to just relax.

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This morning I got up at 630am so that I could walk into town to catch a bus. I am meeting up with someone that I met in Dublin 2 weeks ago. We are meeting in Galway and then making our way up to a really small town outside of a huge national forest. It should be really nice. It will take me about 8hrs to get to the final town!

Ok, it ended up taking 12hrs to get to the next town! It was totally worth it! The hostel is amazing. I met up with Erin and we made it to the next town called letterfrack. The hostel is like a hippy commune from the 60s. It's a old house that is very eclectic. It is owned by this cute married couple.

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Next up is some Irish music!

This morning there was actually real breakfast! The couple feed us oatmeal, real coffee, and fresh bread baked today!!!!!!!!!! So good! This hostel is amazing!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.
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