Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to Dublin

Fly Ryan air today. It's 40€ to check any bag so it is important to have a small bag to carry on. It can only weigh 10kilos. Mine weighed 10.02. They let me through. Man can I pack or what!

Today is a lazy day! My feet are really sore so I am taking a break from walking all day. I walked a little around the shopping area o the city. Got some lunch and relaxed with my book and a cup of coffee. I am seeing transformers 3 this afternoon while I wait for Dwayne to get here. Not sure if he will want to go out when he gets here.

The movie was a little lame, but a nice rest for my aching bones :)

I am looking forward to seeing traveling with my friend! Sorry for the lame blog today! Not much to report. Everyone needs a day of rest!

Thanks for reading.

I promise some pictures tomorrow. While you wait, here is a photo of my epic beard.

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Photos from last blog

Ok quick note. On a 430am bus to the airport. It is early!!!!! Here are some photos and videos I could not post on the other blog.

Waiting for tour

YouTube Video

On the tour

YouTube Video

From the castle

I am so tall!

Transportation tour

Ok sorry for the lack of photos in the last blog. Hopefully this works.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Off to Scotland!

This morning I woke up at 530am so that I could make it across the town to book a ferry to Scotland! The ferry is leaving the same town that the Titanic was built!

The trip will take almost all day. I am meeting Lacy and her boyfriend in Scotland. I am excited because he lives in Scotland so I will be seeing Scotland from a different perspective! This adventure to Scotland is the essence of a fly by the seat of your pants trip! I have no guide book and no idea where I am staying or going. EXCITING!
So the excitement started to ware off when I realized I had been traveling for 10hrs!!!!!

YouTube Video

Finally made it to Edinburgh! Met up with Lacy from Lubbock and her boyfriend Ally who lives in Scotland.

We walked around the city a bit and had a look around. We then found a nice place for a pint and dinner. I had............ Haggis!!! It was yummy!

After dinner we went on a tour of the "dark side" of the city. It was a little cheesy at the start but then it took us under the city into the tunnels where the guide told us many ghost stories. Lacy photo-bombed both my photos!

Ok well off to bed so I can see the rest of the town tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giants causeway

GOOD MORNING! I am taking a tour to the giants causeway today. Looking forward to it very much. It is supposed to be an amazing sight.
First stop was a castle. The your guide is very good. He has been telling us about the history of Northern Ireland and where the violence in the 1960-1990's came from.

Cute stop we made on the way.

When we got to the causeway we sat down for some yummy lunch. I had Guinness stew!

The causeway is amazing. The views where beautiful everywhere I looked!

The rocks are formed in very interesting patterns and shapes. I have never seen anything like it.

YouTube Video

Lots of tourists. Another example of a small world. While I was walking around, I had a girl from my tour say she heard I was from Texas. She is from Amarillo and went to school at Texas Tech! What a small world!

The next stop was the bushmills distillery. Kinda lame. Didn't have time for a tour so really just got out took pictures and waited around. I am not a fan of whiskey so opted out of buying whiskey.

An actual Irish beach! Everything has been rocky but this is a sandy beach.

Next stop was an area with a rope bridge across to a small island. Very wonderful views.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This was a wonderful tour. I met some really nice people and saw some amazing sights! Tomorrow I am catching the ferry to Scotland for a few days!

Thanks for reading

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taste of home

Walked around Belfast. It was the first day I have had of just bad weather all day. It has been raining and cold for about the last 4hrs. I walked around for a few hrs but it was just to rainy to enjoy the city I walked over to the folk music festival and realized it didn't start for a few hours and it was outside! Sat in starbucks for a cup of coffee and decided I need a taste of home so I decided to go to the movie. Seeing green lantern in 3D. After the movie I sat around at the hostel watching tv with a few people from Canada.

Next day-
Today I slept in and did laundry in the morning. I tried to download a few books on my nook and was angry to find out that you can't buy books on your nook in another country :(

I walked around the entire city today. I started with a botanical garden.

Then I walked across town to see the sight of the bloody Sunday. It is now full of murals.

My feet are throbbing! This is a very metropolitan city. I am taking a tour to the giants causeway tomorrow. It should be amazing! Taking another easy night in the hostel. Cooking some dinner and watching some tv. Mmmmmmmm relaxing!

Thanks for reading

Here are some

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Music and beer

BELFAST!!!!! Ok Belfast is my friend. The hostel I am staying at is grand! The owner told me about a bar that serves local beer from cask. I have been paying 4.50 a pint in northern Ireland. The beer here, for local and yummy beer is only 1.80!!!!!!!! Tonight I had a black IPA and a beer with elderflower in it!

Along with good beer, there is a folk music festival in town all week. Fleet foxes is head lining. It is sold out but supposedly there is a lot of free music to hear in the center of town!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Bike riding

Wow, what a long day! Took a bus and then a ferry to the Aran islands. Here is a stop motion I did on the ferry.

YouTube Video

Arrived at the island by 1145. I rented a bike and set of for a 4hr bike ride!

YouTube Video

The island is full of the amazing rock walls. All of them have no mortar in them.

After I road the bottom road to the end of the island I road the top road back to the center where I walked up a long path to see a medieval stronghold.

Then I road DOWNHILL! back to town and caught the ferry home.
Here is a video of part of the ride. Sorry it's a bit long and loud.

YouTube Video

Met a few people at the hostel so we all went out to listen to some Irish music. Didn't stay out to late because I had to catch a bus at 730 to Belfast. It will be a pretty boring day. Thinking it will take me about 7-8 hours to get to belfast. Thank god for books!

Thanks for reading

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small world

Had a big night last night. The three Australians and I arrived in Galway and were walking around the city and ran into two other people we hung out with a lot in Dublin, and they were staying in the same room as us in our hostel! What a small world! So the 6 of us had a going away night because they were all leaving in the morning so it was our last night together. We found an amazing pub with live Irish folk music.

YouTube Video

Today I am back to traveling by myself. Just walking around the town and am going to go sit on the bay and read and relax.

Here is a Video of a random 5min rain shower and then it went back to sunny.

YouTube Video

Heading to a small island tomorrow called Aran. Thinking about renting a bike and riding around the island.

I am pretty sad that the Australians left today. We had a great time and it was so nice to have a travel group. They asked if I wanted to go to Amsterdam but I would spend way to much money if I went with them. My budget is pretty tight so I have decided to spend a few days here and there just relaxing so that I will have extra money for days I want to do a lot of things.

Off to bed to read and recharge my energy!

Thanks for reading

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dingle and Moher

Left at 8 am today. Had a really nice drive to dingle bay. Really great views while there! I am really enjoying these guys I am traveling with. We have a lot of fun and they are really easy going.

YouTube Video

Next stop is the cliffs of Moher. as soon as we started it started to pour down rain and we thought it was going to be terrible at the cliffs. As soon as we got close to the cliffs the sky parted and it was amazing weather!!!!!

YouTube Video

He he he. Here is a fun panoramic photo.

Life is good!

Next stop is galway. I am thinking I might stay a few days there and then work up north. I also have an opportunity to meet up with someone from Lubbock in Scotland! They have a car so maybe I could I travel with them a bit! This trip is really working out so well so far.

Random castle.

Thanks for reading

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