Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dingle where have you been all my life!

Started the morning with coffee and toast with nutella. Mmmmmmmm! Catching the bus to Dingle. It's going to be a long bus day. Thank god for my nook. It will take from 840- 1 on the bus.
Arrived in Dingel and there was a bus from my hostel waiting for me at the stop. The hostel is great. Has a real hippy commune kinda feel. I went back into town and took a dolphin watching boat tour. Loads of fun!

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After that I walked out to the lighthouse. One the way there was a tinny beach and I stooped for a nap! Wonderful views the whole way out!

YouTube Video

I am now back at my hostel cooking some dinner. Pasta again ;) Tomorrow I am staying in Dingle and renting a bike and riding up the coast.

This hostel really has a great feeling! Reminds me of a place I grew up with called the hill country.

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Location:Ireland, Dingle

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