Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First day

Got to my hostel with no problem at all. Could not check in till 2pm so I put all my stuff in a locker and headed off on foot. I walked over to trinity college to see the book of Kells. Absolutely beautiful. The library there is amazing.

Next Stop was of course to get a Guinness at the international. Yummy! Nice conversation with the bartender and a few pints. Spilled a little :(

After the three pints (a local Irish man bought me the third) I walked aimlessly around the town and got way lost. Probably walked about 10-15 miles today. My calves are killing me right now.
I saw lots of street performers today and even got pulled into one where the guy was juggling fire and knives.

YouTube Video

Tomorrows plan is Guinness brewery and castles.

Thanks for reading.

Location:Store St,Dublin,Ireland

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