Monday, June 27, 2011

Off to Scotland!

This morning I woke up at 530am so that I could make it across the town to book a ferry to Scotland! The ferry is leaving the same town that the Titanic was built!

The trip will take almost all day. I am meeting Lacy and her boyfriend in Scotland. I am excited because he lives in Scotland so I will be seeing Scotland from a different perspective! This adventure to Scotland is the essence of a fly by the seat of your pants trip! I have no guide book and no idea where I am staying or going. EXCITING!
So the excitement started to ware off when I realized I had been traveling for 10hrs!!!!!

YouTube Video

Finally made it to Edinburgh! Met up with Lacy from Lubbock and her boyfriend Ally who lives in Scotland.

We walked around the city a bit and had a look around. We then found a nice place for a pint and dinner. I had............ Haggis!!! It was yummy!

After dinner we went on a tour of the "dark side" of the city. It was a little cheesy at the start but then it took us under the city into the tunnels where the guide told us many ghost stories. Lacy photo-bombed both my photos!

Ok well off to bed so I can see the rest of the town tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

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Location:Fleshmarket Close,Edinburgh,United Kingdom

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