Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to Dublin

Fly Ryan air today. It's 40€ to check any bag so it is important to have a small bag to carry on. It can only weigh 10kilos. Mine weighed 10.02. They let me through. Man can I pack or what!

Today is a lazy day! My feet are really sore so I am taking a break from walking all day. I walked a little around the shopping area o the city. Got some lunch and relaxed with my book and a cup of coffee. I am seeing transformers 3 this afternoon while I wait for Dwayne to get here. Not sure if he will want to go out when he gets here.

The movie was a little lame, but a nice rest for my aching bones :)

I am looking forward to seeing traveling with my friend! Sorry for the lame blog today! Not much to report. Everyone needs a day of rest!

Thanks for reading.

I promise some pictures tomorrow. While you wait, here is a photo of my epic beard.

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Location:Frenchman's Ln,Dublin,Ireland

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