Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giants causeway

GOOD MORNING! I am taking a tour to the giants causeway today. Looking forward to it very much. It is supposed to be an amazing sight.
First stop was a castle. The your guide is very good. He has been telling us about the history of Northern Ireland and where the violence in the 1960-1990's came from.

Cute stop we made on the way.

When we got to the causeway we sat down for some yummy lunch. I had Guinness stew!

The causeway is amazing. The views where beautiful everywhere I looked!

The rocks are formed in very interesting patterns and shapes. I have never seen anything like it.

YouTube Video

Lots of tourists. Another example of a small world. While I was walking around, I had a girl from my tour say she heard I was from Texas. She is from Amarillo and went to school at Texas Tech! What a small world!

The next stop was the bushmills distillery. Kinda lame. Didn't have time for a tour so really just got out took pictures and waited around. I am not a fan of whiskey so opted out of buying whiskey.

An actual Irish beach! Everything has been rocky but this is a sandy beach.

Next stop was an area with a rope bridge across to a small island. Very wonderful views.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This was a wonderful tour. I met some really nice people and saw some amazing sights! Tomorrow I am catching the ferry to Scotland for a few days!

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