Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wonderful day

I went back to Howth today and did the walking path. I traveled with three australians and a New zealander. I would guess we walked about 7 miles today. It was breathtaking. The views were vast and green!

Here is a fun time-lapse video I shot of the train ride and the walk to the pier.

YouTube Video

After Howth we rented bikes and road to a park where they are having a huge festival. We got a motorcycle made out of balloons.

Then I ate my first meat pie..... So delicious! I wish we had them in the states!

We also got our caricature done as well. I look so funny!

Tomorrow I head to my next town with a population of 280! So excited. Today was a great day. This is why I am here.

Thanks for reading.

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