Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tired and sore

This is me this morning after the person that in the bunk above me snored ALL night!

I ended up having to sleep with my earphones in. Next stop is the store to buy earplugs! My calves are so sore today. My body is not used to walking so much. I am hopping that I come back in great shape!

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Guinness brewhouse was really interesting. It is not where they brew. It is set up as a museum now. After the tour I went up to the gravity bar and had a pint while enjoying a panoramic view of Dublin. While having a pint a family from brazil sat next to me and gave me an extra pint! The daughter lives here in Dublin and gave me some good places to see. Next stop is Jameson's distillery. While walking away from the brewery I can smell the familiar smell of malted barley!

The distillery was very touristy but I got to be on the tasting panel to compare different whiskeys.
After that I came back to my hostel I met up with a German guy and we went to a pub that makes it's own beer. It was really good! Had a stout and IPA (Irish pale ale)

When I came back I took a nap that was supposed to be 30min and turned into 2hrs! My hostel had a cook out tonight so we cooked out and had beer and burgers. Ended up at a table with 3 people from Finland and one girl from canada and two girls from California. A few of us are going to travel together to the coast tomorrow!

All right time for bed! Thanks for reading.

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