Saturday, June 25, 2011

Taste of home

Walked around Belfast. It was the first day I have had of just bad weather all day. It has been raining and cold for about the last 4hrs. I walked around for a few hrs but it was just to rainy to enjoy the city I walked over to the folk music festival and realized it didn't start for a few hours and it was outside! Sat in starbucks for a cup of coffee and decided I need a taste of home so I decided to go to the movie. Seeing green lantern in 3D. After the movie I sat around at the hostel watching tv with a few people from Canada.

Next day-
Today I slept in and did laundry in the morning. I tried to download a few books on my nook and was angry to find out that you can't buy books on your nook in another country :(

I walked around the entire city today. I started with a botanical garden.

Then I walked across town to see the sight of the bloody Sunday. It is now full of murals.

My feet are throbbing! This is a very metropolitan city. I am taking a tour to the giants causeway tomorrow. It should be amazing! Taking another easy night in the hostel. Cooking some dinner and watching some tv. Mmmmmmmm relaxing!

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