Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to rest

Last night a group of 5 of us went to dinner together. I had some of the beat soup I have ever had. It was traditionaln ann stew! It was amazing!

After that a group of 18 of us from the hostel went out to the pubs together. We had a blast. We went to the bar that was in the movie P.S. I love you. There was a man in the bar that had been playing the guitar for 104 hrs! He was breaking the Guinness world record. Needless to say it was a very long night. I am using today to rest and recuperate. We went to a park to watch some street performers and I am doing laundry. One more full day in Dublin then off to my next city.

Tonight I am hanging out with a bunch of people I went out with last night. I booked my hostel for Sunday night in Glendalough, population 280! Looks amazing. Tomorrow I am going back to Howth to see the rest of the countryside. The guys from Australia might go with me if they and roll out of bed in time.

Thanks for reading.

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