Friday, June 24, 2011

Bike riding

Wow, what a long day! Took a bus and then a ferry to the Aran islands. Here is a stop motion I did on the ferry.

YouTube Video

Arrived at the island by 1145. I rented a bike and set of for a 4hr bike ride!

YouTube Video

The island is full of the amazing rock walls. All of them have no mortar in them.

After I road the bottom road to the end of the island I road the top road back to the center where I walked up a long path to see a medieval stronghold.

Then I road DOWNHILL! back to town and caught the ferry home.
Here is a video of part of the ride. Sorry it's a bit long and loud.

YouTube Video

Met a few people at the hostel so we all went out to listen to some Irish music. Didn't stay out to late because I had to catch a bus at 730 to Belfast. It will be a pretty boring day. Thinking it will take me about 7-8 hours to get to belfast. Thank god for books!

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Location:Bóthar na mBan,Galway,Ireland

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