Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dingle and Moher

Left at 8 am today. Had a really nice drive to dingle bay. Really great views while there! I am really enjoying these guys I am traveling with. We have a lot of fun and they are really easy going.

YouTube Video

Next stop is the cliffs of Moher. as soon as we started it started to pour down rain and we thought it was going to be terrible at the cliffs. As soon as we got close to the cliffs the sky parted and it was amazing weather!!!!!

YouTube Video

He he he. Here is a fun panoramic photo.

Life is good!

Next stop is galway. I am thinking I might stay a few days there and then work up north. I also have an opportunity to meet up with someone from Lubbock in Scotland! They have a car so maybe I could I travel with them a bit! This trip is really working out so well so far.

Random castle.

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Location:Galway, Ireland

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