Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good morning / rain rain go away!

Good morning! Off to the brewery today.

I started the day walking around with someone I met from France. We waked to a church and climbed to the top of the tower.

Sorry the audio in the clip is bad. It was really windy on top of the tower.

YouTube Video

The Smithwick's tour was nice bit we were not allowed to take photos inside the brewery. I did take a bunch of photos of the original Abby where the brew started.

Here is the tasting room where the head brewers taste the different stages of the brew daily.

Snuck this photo.

Mmmmmmm beer

Here is the original aging room that is now a bar.

I am now at the station waiting for my train. Today was the wettest day I have seen. My walk from the hostel to the station was POURING! I am a bit on the soggy side :)

Well the train was 45 min late so we got picked up by a shuttle bus and are getting driven to Waterford instead. Adventure!

Well I showed up in Tramore. I got off the bus and started walking to my hostel and...... I realized I have been here before! The Aussies and I stopes here for a night a few weeks ago! I am glad I stopes here again because we were not able to see the town when we came. I walked to the beach to see a typical Irish summer beach day. LOL. Cold rain!

YouTube Video

I walked to the town center and stoped for a kebab. HOLLY MOLLY it was amazing. When I ordered it he made the nan bread fresh!!!

Next stop was...... You guessed it, a pub for a Guinness!

Ok night night time! Only 9pm but I am sleepy!

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