Monday, July 4, 2011

History of old stuff

Today we are off to Newgrange. It is supposed to be one of the oldest structures in the world.
It is 1000 years older than stonehenge.

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The second one we went to was very large. We met some girls from NYC who were very fun. One found a fertility stone and made sure to rub it a bunch so she would be fertile when she got home. Lol. Guess it's a New York thing.

Next stop is back to Dublin for some rest and then meet up with some people at the hostel for burger and beer night and stay in and relax.

Met up with some really fun girls and drank and chatted for the night.

This morning I slept in and then we all walked around the city and, laid out in the sun at the park.

Later we walked uptown to try and watch a hurling match. Which is like lacrosse and rugby and soccer. We could not get in so we went to a pub and watched it on tv.
We all were really tired so we grabbed a bite to eat a we all went to a movie.

Tomorrow Dwayne leaves to go home and all that is left of the group is Cecilie and I. We are going to go to Howth because she wants to see some nature and I told her I would show here around Howth sense I have been there. Dwayne decided he will try and come back for another weekend next week. We are going to meet in Galway. When I leave Dublin I am heading to the south to see some smaller towns.

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