Saturday, July 2, 2011


Back in Dublin and having a case of dejavu. Dwayne came in last night and we quickly went to the temple bar for some pints. Awesome band.

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I think today we are going to walk around Dublin and tomorrow go to the cliffs of Moher. Number two for me but I am glad to see them again. Then Sunday I think we are going to new grange. It is older than stone hinge! It should really be amazing. Oh by the way, today is the half way point.

I have been waiting for dwayne
and playing cards with some people in the hostel. We are playing the card game asshole.

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Of to the Guinness brewery. I hVe already done it, but Dwayne needs to see it while he is here. Still interesting the second time.

Also went to see some castles as well.

We decided to do a pub crawl tonight. Great idea!!!!!! So many people and so much fun to be had!

The pub crawl was really fun. We met a lot of really cool people. The only part I did not like was at the end it ended in a huge club. I would have rather stayed in pubs with Irish music.

Ok well off to bed. We have to be on a bus in the morning! Night night.

Thanks for reading.

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