Sunday, July 10, 2011

A national park

This morning I slept in because I was sleeping in a real bed all by myself! It was really nice. This morning Seosamh and I had some breakfast then he drove me to see a castle. After the castle he drove me to the bus station so I could catch a bus to Killarney. I am so grateful to Seosamh for his hospitality. The hurling match yesterday was grand!

I got to my hostel today around 2:30.

I dropped off my bag and started my walk to the Killarney national park. It is a beautiful piece of land.

YouTube Video

Next up is a boat tour on the lake!

YouTube Video

Adhesive boat tour had a really nice walk back by the lake. I made this stop motion video while I walked back.

YouTube Video

Well, time to make some dinner then maybe out for a pint then off to bed. I have a full day tomorrow. I am renting a bike and riding deep into the park tomorrow. I just barely walked in today and it took me a good 5hrs.

Thanks for reading.

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